The Work Seminar

Ep. 30: That's a Wrap on Season Two

July 27, 2022 Jesse Butts Season 2 Episode 15
The Work Seminar
Ep. 30: That's a Wrap on Season Two
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And once again, we’ve reached a temporary end.

After a little rest, The Work Seminar will return with Season 3. 

In the meantime, here’s hoping you’ve learned as much from these conversations as we have. See you back here this fall. 

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Jesse Butts:

Hi everyone. Thanks for listening to another, albeit atypical, episode of The Work Seminar. Well, we've come to the end of season two. Last week's episode with animal advocate, musician, and my childhood guitar teacher, Jon Camp, marked the final full episode of this season. Thank you all for listening, and to all my guests for sharing their time, their wisdom and their experiences. Yet again, I honestly can't believe how much I've learned. And I hope the same is true for you. But have no fear, season three will launch this fall. And I share when that will happen with my email newsletter subscribers first. I'll leave link in the show notes if you'd like to sign up. And if you'd like to help the show, your direct, honest feedback is always appreciated. You can send me your thoughts to, or you can find@TheWorkSeminar on most social. If you have any guest recommendations, please include them. I'm also including a link in the show notes to my bookstore on, where you can find all the books mentioned this season. And yes, full disclosure, I do make a small commission on any books you buy from there. Well, thanks again for listening and for sharing the show. I'm excited for next season. Hope you are too. And goodbye for now.