The Work Seminar

Ep. 15: Thanks for Tuning in to Season One

February 09, 2022 Jesse Butts Season 1 Episode 15
The Work Seminar
Ep. 15: Thanks for Tuning in to Season One
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All good things must come to … a short break.

After a little R&R (rest and recordings), we’ll return with our sophomore season. 

In the meantime, here’s hoping you’ve learned as much from these conversations as we have. See you back here this spring!

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Jesse Butts:

Welcome to The Work Seminar, the podcast for people with liberal arts advanced degrees considering work outside their fields of study. Hey everyone, thanks for listening to another episode of The Work Seminar. I'm your host, Jesse Butts. Today, well, marks the end of season one. Last week's episode with executive and career coach Paul Erdahl was the final full episode of this inaugural season. Thank you all for listening. And to all my guests, I can't be more appreciative for you sharing your time, your wisdom, and your experiences with all of us. A year ago when I had this inkling for a show idea, I honestly never would have imagined I would have booked 14 guests for the first season. Personally, and I mean this absolutely sincerely, I can't believe how much I've learned listening to these stories. And I hope the same holds true for you. Season two will launch this spring. That exact date is, as of right now, to be determined. If you'd like the inside scoop on when season two will begin, I'll share that first with my email newsletter subscribers. And I've left a link to my newsletter in the show notes in case you haven't had a chance to sign up. I've also included a link to my bookstore on There, you can find all the books mentioned this season. is a really fantastic organization that funnels money directly back to your local bookstores, even when you purchase online. And full disclosure, I do make a small commission on any books you buy from my store there. But please don't feel obligated if you find them cheaper elsewhere. I'm literally going to make, perhaps, 75 cents if you buy a$20 book. So get the knowledge wherever you can to help you in your career transition from these great resources. I mention this at the end of every show, and today will be no exception. But your direct honest feedback is the best help you can offer. If you have any thoughts, guest recommendations, suggestions for the show, or you simply want to get a hold of me and say hello, please send me your thoughts. The easiest place to reach me is email, Or you can find @TheWorkSeminar on social media. Thanks again for listening and for sharing the show with your family, your friends, your colleagues who might be able to get something out of it. I'm excited to keep this conversation going next season. Well, goodbye for now, and I look forward to seeing you this spring. Thanks for listening to this episode of The Work Seminar. If you like what you've heard, please take a minute to rate the show on your favorite podcast app. Know someone who'd be a great Work Seminar guest? Or have a suggestion or two for the show? You can reach me at, or@TheWorkSeminar on social. And special thanks, as always, to Jon Camp for the music and Isabel Patino for the cover art and design. Until next time, never cease from exploration.